What is a Lag Switch?

If you’re a serious gamer you’ve probably at least heard of lag switches, but you might not be entirely clear on what they are. Lag switches are a tool used to cut your outbound network connection, allowing you to keep receiving information without your enemies knowing what you’re up to. When you release the switch all of the actions you’ve taken are transmitted out to your opponent’s consoles. This means all the shots you fired will take effect, all the distance you’ve covered will suddenly appear to your enemies, and all of it appears instantaneously.

To them you may appear to be 50 feet away frozen in place and completely. As they go to take a shot at you they suddenly die from being shot at point blank, by you, suddenly only a foot away. That’s the power of a lag switch.

To get started with a lag switch all you’ll need to do is replace your existing Ethernet cable with your new lag switch and join a game. Once you’re in the game you can begin having your fun. Start by testing the waters and pressing the switch for only a brief moment to get an idea of how the game responds. Different games will allow you different maximum lag times before presuming you have disconnected. Some games may be as long as 10 seconds while others may be as short as 2. You’ll have to first get an idea of how long you can use your lag switch for.

Once you have an idea of how long the game will allow you to lag for you can begin using it in combat. Simply hold the switch down and run across an open field without fear of being picked off. To your enemies you’ll appear to teleport right across if you can lag for long enough. Better still engage the enemy face to face and shock them with your new found temporary invulnerability.

For games where the lag time is relatively low try tapping the switch rather than holding to extended the time you can lag for. This lag is not as advantageous as solid lag because of your vulnerability between uses, but nonetheless can turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Get a lag switch today and find out for yourself what your top scoring enemies and teammates are secretly using all the time.