Having trouble using your lag switch with your Xbox 360 or PS3? No problem! We’ve set up this quick and easy troubleshooting guide that will resolve all of the most common problems.

Ethernet couplers: An Ethernet coupler is a small plastic connector used to join two or more Ethernet cables together in a line. They are used to extend Ethernet cables by joining them together. Ethernet connectors do not normally cause any problems, but a lag switch isn’t a normal network device. Although they won’t interfere with your ability to lag, they may interfere with the Stealth Shield built into our lag switches and cause you to be disconnected if your lag switch is connected directly into your console.

Damaged Ethernet Ports: Damaged Ethernet ports on your router, switch, modem or even your console can cause issues with lag switches in general as well as our proprietary Stealth Shield Technology. Unfortunately these ports are not made to be plugged in and unplugged endlessly, eventually they reach a limit and they can begin to perform poorly. Generally they will either work or not work and it should be easy to tell, but again a lag switch is not a normal network device and they can be pickier. For this reason a lag switch may not work on a port that other devices seem to work fine on. This is rare but nonetheless possible. In these cases the best solution is to switch the lag switch to another port. If all the other ports are taken by other devices simply swap the ports. It’s more than likely the other device will work properly on that port. If it doesn’t then the port really is unusable for any computers or gaming consoles and you’ll need to unplug another device to free up a port for your lag switch.

Lagging Before the Match Begins: One surefire way to get disconnected from Xbox Live or PSN is to turn on your lag switch before you’re actually in the game. Most servers have a zero tolerance policy for lag and packet loss before you’re actually in the game, resulting in an instant disconnection. Be sure to wait until the match has loaded fully and gameplay has begun before lagging.

Overly Aggressive Lagging: Lagging for too long can result in disconnects from your game. Usually you will not be disconnected, but the game will be paused temporarily as everyone resyncs. When you use your lag switch you will have to get a feel for how long you can lag in each particular game you play as it varies by server. This is because a little lag looks just like normal lag, but a lot of lag looks like you’ve disconnected completely which can cause the server to end your connection. For best results we recommend holding down the switch for no more than 5 seconds at a time. For lag times longer than 5 seconds try tapping the switch on and off at different rates, for example one second on, then one second off repeated. Even tapping you may eventually become disconnected but it can generally greatly improve your maximum lag time.

For instructions on setting up your lag switch please click here.