Premium Lag Switch FAQ

What is a lag switch and what can it do?

Simply put a lag switch is the ultimate weapon in online gaming. Let us explain how it works. When you’re playing an online game there is an inbound signal and an outbound signal. When playing normally both allow the data to flow freely but when someone uses a lag switch is cuts off the outbound connection without cutting the inbound one for a duration of 1 to 10 seconds. This allows the person to move around and attack while becoming temporarily impervious to attacks. Whatever you do during this time is cached up by the system and when the connection is restored your system syncs up. Your system will then register any damage you have taken as well as transmitting out what you did. Anything you did during this time will appear in a burst to your opponents. A lag switch can provide a great advantage in shooters like Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War or any other first person shooter, especially in a 1v1. They are also used to glitch games in ways that would not be possible otherwise.
What do other players see/experience when the lag switch is activated?
From the other players perspective you will appear to:

  • Teleport around.
  • Move in unpredictable ways making them exceedingly difficult to combat.
  • Become invincible for the duration that the lag switch is enabled.

If you want to see first hand what it’s capable of see our Super Short Lag Switch Demonstration

What systems do Premium Lag’s devices work with?

All of our lag switches work with PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and even the Wii U flawlessly. They also work on many PC games. Our lag switches are especially effective in First Person Shooter games like Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War but creative players find ways to use them in multiple genres of games. Please note that some people may have to connect their switch between their router and a network switch rather than between their router and their console due to differences in network configurations.

How much do you charge for shipping and when will it get here?

Shipping is 100% free to any destination in the United States. Delivery time is generally 3-5 businesses days for addresses within the continental United States. International shipping is $23.95 anywhere in the world. Deliver time internationally is generally about 7 business days, though to some locations it may take as many as 12 business days.

Do your lag switches ship with a warranty?

Yes! Our lag switches come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer error. 12 times what our competitors offer. Please note the warranty is void if there is evidence the switch has been opened or tampered with.

Who builds the Premium Lag Switch?

Our engineers builds all of our lag switches right here in the United States under strict quality controls with parts from domestic suppliers.

How do I connect my new lag switch?

When you receive your lag switch from us installation is far simpler than with any other on the market. Follow these steps:

1. Disconnect the Ethernet cable currently linking your console to your router, switch or modem.

2. Replace it with the Premium Lag Switch. One side is labeled with what it should be connected to.

3. If for some reason this does not work reverse the lag switch.

4. Go online into a game. If you use this in any online area other than gaming you will get disconnected.

5. Hold button for 1-5 seconds. This will take some practice to get down and there’s some personal preference with how long to hold it.

6.  If you get timed out you’re holding it too long. If you disconnect instantly try putting the lag switch between an Ethernet switch and your router and connect the Ethernet switch to your console.

7. Enjoy.

Does the Premium Lag Switch work on wireless networks?

Unfortunately, no. At this time there are no wireless lag switches available from any supplier. The only option when it comes to using a lag switch is to use a wired connection.

Are there any games the Premium Lag Switch won’t work with?

The only series of games that we know is 100% incompatible with all lag switches are the FIFA games. These games will not work with any switch of any brand.

How can I be sure you’re legit?

When you pay via PayPal you can cancel payment if we don’t fulfill your order to your utmost satisfaction (which we promise we will). You can also buy off of eBay if you are more comfortable doing that, however prices are slightly higher due to the additional costs imposed by eBay.

Is using a lag switch against the ToS of Xbox and PSN?

Yes it is against the Terms of Service, so please take care when using your lag switch. While our switches are virtually undetectable, there is always some risk. Furthermore, we do not condone cheating. We just know you’ll do it anyway. To be safest and to be fair, it’s best to keep it to private matches.