How to Connect Your Lag Switch

When you receive your lag switch from us installation is far simpler than with any other on the market. Follow these steps for your Xbox 360 or Xbox One:

1. Disconnect the Ethernet cable currently linking your console to your router, switch or modem.

2. Replace is with the Premium Lag Switch. One side is labeled with what it should be connected to.

3. If for some reason this does not work reverse the lag switch.

4. Go online into a game. If you press the button in any online area other than when you are already in the game you will be disconnected.

5. Hold button for 1-5 seconds. This will take some practice to get down and there’s some personal preference with how long to hold it.

6. If you get timed out you’re holding it too long.

7. Enjoy and Win.

If you are having difficulties please use the support form below to contact us.