Lag Switch Strategy

A lag switch is a huge advantage in online gaming, but it’s doesn’t guarantee you victory by itself. A lag switch is an excellent tool but it can only do what you ask of it. An important and sometimes overlooked part of using a lag switch effectively is developing a strategy for using it. Below we’ll outline the primary strategies we recommend trying before developing more complex ones of your own.

Lag Switch Host: Teleporting and Delaying or Avoiding Death

If you have a lag switch and you’re the host, well let’s just say we’d be sad if we were on the opposing team. When you’re host you have control not only over your connection, but over everyone else’s as well.  This is the best case scenario when you have a lag switch. When you’re the host you can engage them directly in combat and dictate the outcome of the battle because you control what they see, not just what you see.

Lag Switch Non-Host: Corner Peeking

Lag switches functions best when you’re host, but they can be used to your advantage even when you’re not the host. You know that moment where you walk around the corner to see certain death in front of you? Let’s make that a thing of the past. In Modern Warfare 3, Halo 4 or any other shooter, begin using the lag switch before going around a corner to check for enemies or explosives.  Once you’re around the corner and have seen what’s there just let go and teleport back to before you ever rounded that corner. Now you know what you’re getting yourself in to and maybe you decide to try another way.

Either way one tip everyone should follow is don’t talk about your lag switch online! It’s easy to get wrapped up in winning and brag, but don’t. While our lag switch is virtually undetectable, bragging about it is not. If you brag in voice chat about having a lag switch, or worse in a text message after the game, you’re giving people all the evidence they need to report you. Will you get banned? Probably not, however do you want to get banned from your favorite games, even temporarily? Do you ever want to risk it? We don’t so we advise you keep your lag switch use low key and enjoy kicking ass.