Why Doesn’t My Lag Switch Work?

A lot of people see a tutorial for building a lag switch at home on YouTube or some other website and it seems easy enough so they give it a go. They’ll follow every step of the tutorial and everything is looking great at the end. Now to just test it out.

Unfortunately this is where a lot of people get stuck and become frustrated. It’s not their fault. Most lag switch tutorials skip over one crucial detail of lag switching. That is that all modern consoles have a voltage detector to prevent the use of lag switches. These detectors can tell when the lag switch is engaged by sensing the change in current over the Ethernet cable. These little detectors are quite clever and represented a big step forward in anti-cheating technology from the Xbox and PS2 to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now with the Xbox One and the PS4 the voltage detectors have become a standard among gaming consoles. So does this mean you can’t use lag switches anymore? No way!

So what can I do with this lag switch I made?

Unfortunately if you’ve built your lag switch at home there’s no way to easily bypass the voltage detector without additional equipment like an Ethernet switch, but here at Premium Lag we’ve done the research and the testing to develop our proprietary Stealth Shield technology enabling us to sneak right past these pesky voltage detectors.

When you use our Premium Lag switch the change in voltage will be so minor that the console will never have a chance to pick up on it. By taking care of the issue of lag switch detection for you, you can get back to gaming, and with a new weapon at your disposal.

What about this other lag switch I bought?

Unfortunately other lag switch vendors on the web are basically building their switches based on the tutorials provided on YouTube or other sites just like you would at home. Sure they have a nicer box and a push-button instead of a light switch, but the circuitry underneath is the same and the results will be too. Some vendors will tell you this up front, but others aren’t so quick to disclose it.

In the 5 years Premium Lag has been building and selling lag switches, no one else has ever introduced anything like our Stealth Shield technology, now in its second generation. If you want a lag switch that works right, the choice is clear.

Find out more about how the Premium Lag Switch stacks up with the competition

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